SMALL CHARITY of the Year winner

Dress for Success Sydney

The Dress for Success Sydney (DFSS) mission is simple – to clothe and upskill as many women as possible, transitioning them from welfare to the workforce. Through our complimentary styling service and career support program, we aim to instil confidence, build resilience, and restore dignity; helping women secure meaningful work and get back on their feet. Our small passionate team work tirelessly to bridge the gap for vulnerable women by addressing unconscious bias and creating fairness and equality for female jobseekers.

Through our incredible network of supporters, we advocate for the circular economy and the ethical disposal of clothing by styling our clients in gently pre-loved workwear otherwise destined for landfill. Clothing not suitable for workwear, we sell at a series of popular fundraising fashion sales.

Our partners and volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. Without the support of the diverse range of partners who collaborate to facilitate our career support program and the hundreds of voluntary stylists who kindly and generously give up their time to help our clients for free, we simply wouldn’t exist.

By the end of 2022, we aim to be the leading organisation in Australia for the empowerment of women through employability services.


Haemochromatosis Australia

Haemochromatosis Australia (HA), the peak support and advocacy organization representing people with hereditary iron overload disorder, is a charity run entirely by volunteers. 

Haemochromatosis Australia believes that achieving our simple, strong and very clear vision, that no Australian is harmed by haemochromatosis, depends on people at risk, health professionals, public health policy makers and funders all being well-informed about best practices in diagnosis, treatment and management, and new research developments.

HA provides information, tools and support opportunities via our website, InfoLine, My Iron Manager app, online meetings and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. We promote public awareness through community service announcements, media interviews, art and photography exhibitions and most recently through our inaugural international Spread the Red light-up campaign. We work to ensure health professionals are aware of best practices through our popular Iron Matters podcasts and by supporting the development of engaging educational materials hosted by APNA and ThinkGP.

Haemochromatosis Australia is recognized as the trusted source of evidence-based information nationally and as a highly credible partner by those we work with to achieve our vision. Our vision will be realised when people have a genetic test early, followed by regular iron studies to monitor their levels and access to treatment needed to maintain iron in balance throughout their lifetime.

All Together

All Together Now’s mission is to educate Australians about racism. It carries out its mission by imagining and delivering innovative and evidence-based projects that promote racial equity and provide Australians with information about racism’s impacts and ways in which they can effectively challenge racism. It has won several awards, including an Intercultural Innovation Award from the UNAOC for its mobile phone app Everyday Racism. Most recently, All Together Now has focussed on monitoring and reporting on racialised discourse in the mainstream media, training front-line workers how to identify and respond to far-right extremism, and creating the Reporting Racism Clearing House to provide people with information about how to report racism.

Women's Justice Network

The Women’s Justice Network is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation dedicated to improving the status, wellbeing and prospects of women and young women affected by the criminal justice system. WJN addresses the many issues facing criminalised women and young women both systemically through advocacy, and individually through the one-to-one case management, group work and mentoring. WJN operates on the premise that providing women and young women with gender-responsive social support will lead to a reduction of recidivism rates. 


WJN provides a holistic approach that is strengths-based, client-centred and trauma- informed to support women and girls in the criminal justice system or at-risk youth. WJN collaborates with their trained volunteer Mentors so that they can provide non-stigmatised support and assist women and girls to make positive choices and lifestyle changes that promote their wellbeing and community reintegration. WJN ‘s Healing from Within Program takes a creative diversionary approach providing a supportive and engaging environment for young females in (14-25) from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or who are entangled or at risk of being impacted by the criminal justice system. 

The Advisory Panel comprise of women with lived experience who discuss and plan strategic direction making recommendations to WJN’s board on the best practices in service delivery 

The Funding Network Australia

The Funding Network (TFN) brings people together to find, fund and support grassroots social change programs that help people in need. Through live crowdfunding events, TFN connects grassroots non-profits to people and organisations interested in investing their money, time and talent to drive social change. This allows us to increase the capacity of the non-profit sector while spreading the joy of giving and deepening community engagement. We achieve this through live crowdfunding flagship events delivered in a live, virtual and hybrid format, as well as private client events and workshops where we share our model to generate sustainable operational revenue.