Young Leader of the Year winner

Hannah Hall-Young

Corinda State High School

Hannah is an influential young woman who strives to initiate positive change. With a strong leadership background as 2020 School Captain for Corinda SHS, she is committed and visionary. As an invited member of the Lord Mayors Youth Advisory Council, Hannah embraced her leadership skills, providing opportunities for young people to have a voice, cultivating youth agency and raising issues to better Brisbane. During COVID-19, Hannah initiated and led her leadership team by writing daily affirmations to her Corinda Community. She was an ambassador for education of mental health, introducing a peer mentoring program, creating an avenue where students felt safe and understood. Hannah implemented strong causes: RUOK, Bullying No Way, International Women’s Day, Clean Up Australia and Mental Health Week. Hannah successfully achieved the prestigious Lions Youth of the Year, Regional winner, honouring leadership in conjunction with citizenship qualities. Recipient of the Caltex Best All Rounder Award, Hannah was acknowledged for exemplary contributions to her school and the wider community. Hannah volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, supporting the health and well-being of children and their families. For her outstanding support to the community and others she was the award recipient of the RSL Senior Citizenship Award.

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Young Leader of the Year FINALISTS

Korra Koperu


Korra Koperu is a 19y/o Māori and Moriori gender diverse young person, community leader and transgender rights advocate. At 13, Korra navigated legal barriers and discrimination to be their true authentic self. This inspired Korra to not only advocate for safe schooling, but also lobby for law reforms around medical pathways for gender diverse youth. Being QTIPOC themselves, this has been an ongoing mission for them and their community. Currently, a youth peer leader at Drummond St Services for the (in)visible program, they are on the path to support mental health organisations rebuild those systems to better support QTIPoC and LGBTQIA+ young people. 

Some more of her highlights are being Youth Peer Leader: (in)visible and Queerspace Youth, Whittlesea Council: Designing and delivered first Rainbow Youth Summit, and Advisory committee member, co-designed the Youth Against Risky Drinking campaign in partnership with Whittlesea council, Margaret Jessie Black Scholarship recipient for Dedication to Community Work and Advocacy, Youth speaker at the Midsumma Essence Tales, Melbourne March4Justice speaker, a march to demand justice and an end to gendered violence, contributing to co-designing a youth suicide prevention service with the state government called HOPE and Ppartnered with North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network for their Speaking Up Speaks Volumes suicide prevention campaign.

Asma Nayim Ullah

The Australian Rohingya Women's Development Organisation

Asma Nayim Ullah is a Rohingya community youth leader and a human rights advocate, particularly for refugees and asylum seekers. Her goal is to continue spreading awareness about the challenges she and her community have faced and continue to face through storytelling, public speaking, and poetry.

Currently, she is an intern at Amiculus: The Humble Friend Project and a founding member of Australia Rohingya Women’s Development Organisation (ARWDO) which is the very first non-profit Rohingya organisation led by Rohingya women on Temporary Visas in Australia.

Asma and her teams are working towards providing opportunities such as higher education, training and employment, emergency assistance, social network, mental health support and other services.

Due to the never ending racial & religious discrimination and violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar, Asma and her family fled to Australia in 2013 by boat when she was 10 years old.

Asma is known for writing and speaking about her personal experience as a Rohingya and the impact of the ongoing persecution the Rohingya people have been facing for decades in Myanmar and the new obstacles and challenges they face in new foreign countries like Australia


Lara Farrell

Makuta Youth

Lara is an outstanding young leader and role model in the Kiama LGA, and despite all the challenges with Covid restrictions over the last 12 months, has managed to achieve a remarkable amount of community work, volunteering, leadership, extra-curricula activities, and still manage to breeze through her school exams.

An extremely active and engaged Year 10 student at Kiama High School, she has been a member of the SRC (Senior Representative Council) for 3 years which involves brainstorming ideas for bettering the school, planning how they can accomplish them and finally implementing them. She was also involved in a Peer Support program at Kiama High, where Year 10 students run a camp and various other activities for the year 7 students.

She has helped organise and run many school events, including the World’s Greatest Shave, International Women’s Day, KHS Festival, cake stalls, Jeans for Genes Day, and many other activities.

She is a member of the school soccer and volleyball teams (although sport hasn’t been happening during COVID times for a while now), and also a member of the High School band playing the flute, an instrument she has been playing for 9 years. She also plays basketball outside school. And in her spare time, she enjoys going out with friends, swimming at the beach and going on long walks, as well as catching the train to new places (when Covid isn’t restricting her).

Lara has chaired the Youth Engagement meetings (through the school’s SRC) with Kiama Council and Kiama Youth Services, where they provide input on various local matters, including traffic, roads, safety, youth facilities etc.

Lara’s volunteering passion began at Kidzwish in 2019 (when she was in Year 8), an event run annually at the WIN Entertainment Centre for disadvantaged kids from all over the Illawarra, Lara helped by serving food to the kids, as well as going around in a reindeer costume spreading joy and at the end participated in giving the children showbags and Christmas gifts. Earlier in 2021, Lara volunteered at the World of Learning, to support the young children of our local area. And more recently, she has volunteered at the Kiama Youth Centre – helping to plan the Kiama Youthfest events.

At the National Young Leaders Day Conference held in Sydney in March 2021, Lara joined a group of young leaders from all over NSW where they collectively worked together to develop their leadership skills and hear inspirational words from successful leaders. She also attended a GRIP leadership conference, run annually at Wollongong University where young leaders come together and undertake different leadership workshops.

A rising star in the world of Social Media Technology, she has been helping to make improvements to the Kiama High School Instagram page by creating a youth perspective on how to engage with the youth, as well as formatting posts and stories. Through a wonderful local program in Kiama called NEXTGEN, Lara has had the opportunity to

now run the Kiama Bugle’s Instagram account. Not only is she learning valuable skills as she goes, through Nextgen, but she is also imparting her knowledge onto the Bugle’s Editor J

Not surprisingly, Lara won an International Women’s Day Award at Kiama High School for being a successful woman that succeeds academically and through extra curricular activities.

When Makuta (a local charity in Kiama) put the call out to the SRC at Kiama High for a volunteer to join the team as a Advisory Board Member, it comes as no surprise that she was the first to put her hand up. She has been able to provide some great perspective to Makuta on how they can reach out and listen to what the young people in our community are trying to tell us. She understands young people’s challenges and champions their cause. And this is what Makuta is all about, which is why they are so delighted to have her on board their team. Not many 15-year-olds would be able to say they are on the Advisory Board of a registered charity.

Lara is a positive, motivated, engaged young leader in our community, a terrific role model for others, who loves spending time with her friends and family. We are extremely grateful for everything she does in our community.